Sunday, April 15, 2018

Update and Catch Up!

Time to update and repair or delete some blogs!  WAY OVER DUE!  Guess I will get around to it one of these days, but like so many others, not today!  I have so many thoughts bursting inside of me at times that I need to write, but do I do it in my journal or restructure my blog for others to read?   That is a good question I will answer another day!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

We need to be a kinder, more gentle loving people.

We have each known or read stories of those that are injured or crippled physically to the point where they can no longer function as they once could.  But we don't think or notice as much about those that become emotionally broken.   There are so many stories untold of those we meet and love.  We don't know the details of their childhood or maybe not even those of their adulthood.  We may not hear the stories of their pain as we do from those that are physical suffering from broken bodies in all it's forms from cancer to burns and aching bones.  There are a lot of untold emotional struggles.  I have thought about this a lot.  Sometimes a person becomes emotional injured to the point they cannot even emotionally walk any more. Their hearts are so broken.  But our loving Heavenly Father can help them get up again.  It takes time and effort and pain to get to where they can even move again. First a wheelchair,  still needing to rely on others they can trust.   As time goes, our Father will bless those suffering  with exercises to help build their strength to where they can walk again but may be with just a walker, then crutches and then eventually He will helps them to walk again.  They may not walk the same speed but they can eventually walk as He would have them walk.  He can heal them, but the price must be paid just as if  they were  leaning to physically walk again.   There are not usually any meals, cakes and cookies or get better cards for those suffering emotionally.  But the Lord will put those opportunities in their lives that will help them move where He wants them to move if they are willing to do their part.   

We need to be a kinder, more gentle loving people.  We are all God's children just trying to be and do our best.  Let's do what we can to be patient with one another not knowing their story nor the Lord's plan for them.  Extent love and appreciation to others.  Let's lift with our words and actions.  Find the good and express it!  We can be part of God's plan to help everyone we meet!  Love your neighbor!

Monday, January 26, 2015

This is What Life is About!

Bloom Where YOU are PLANTED!

Wow!!  It's been a long time since I have posted anything. I know that I am the only person that reads this, but I am okay with that.  One day when I did, my children and grandchildren can look over it and come to know me a little better.

 I have had lots of whirlwinds and treacherous waters come before me and now I have lots to share about my insights, understandings and perspectives on life that I wouldn't have without those experiences.  I have learned much about myself and I don't like many of those things.  Trials reveal weaknesses and I have my share but I will say that if it were not for those trials, I would have not known my weaknesses, and without knowing my weaknesses, I would not have been humbled by the fact that I have a lot to work on in my journey to become like Him, even Jesus Christ.

I have written about "Blooming where you are planted" before, but that phrase means a lot more when you are really planted in a place and circumstance that you do't want to be in.  Blooming is not as easy or smiley facey as I once thought about that phrase.  In fact, I would say I have fought against it.  I can't say I wanted to bloom where I was planted at all but rather that I wanted to be transplanted and planted where I thought I was growing just fine!

See the first pictures makes it seem so simple.  The second it more like reality.  A rock and a hard place is where we usually end up.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I have long believed in the power of a good attitude.  I strive to see that the grass is green where I stand.  I try to keep hope and optimism in my heart and mind, but I am not always successful.

When visiting with my beloved mother several years ago, I was sharing some of my struggles and she told me to try and think eternally.  She said I should ask myself if what is bothering me is going to have an impact on Salvation.  That was the best advice.  Trying to see a bigger picture  helps me weed out those thoughts and activities that won't help me reach my eternal goal.  Unfortunately, particularly, when the storms are raging,  the task becomes more difficult.  Our thoughts can lead us downward just as much as they can lead us upward.  Learning to manage my thoughts in a positive way is important to me.  That may mean that sometimes I may have to make new pathways in my brain because something has occurred in my life that changed the direction I had hoped to go.  What I had in mind for my future did not go as planned, because we live in a mortal world where the unexpected is to be expected and surprises and change are not always easy to deal with.

Since the human brain can't replace something with nothing, we can't just make thoughts disappear, we have to fill their place with something better.  If I am having thoughts that are negative, or seem to be leading me to despair or self pity, I have the power to change the direction of those thoughts. and sometimes knowing and doing that can be more challenging that I would like.  Part of the problem is resisting.  For example, if I am trying to lose weight but I really want a bowl of ice cream, thinking about how much I want it or that I can't have it only makes me want it more.  The force becomes stronger. But if I replace the thought of the bowl of ice cream with something else I enjoy doing, then it is easier to resist. Don't think about what you can't have but what you can have or do.  Thoughts triggers images and images triggers action.

Now saying this doesn't mean that when there is a problem and it needs to be solved that I should resist thinking about ways to meet the challenge or how to solve a problem.  A friend gave me the following example about this very thing.

If you are in a location with your family or friends and you see a guy in the corner with a machete that is there to harm you, if you cover your eyes he doesn't go away, he is still there and still potentially dangerous to you. This same idea can be applied to our thoughts.  When we have situations that need resolved, covering our eyes (not thinking about the problem) doesn't make them go away.

In learning to manage my thoughts, which will be a lifetime of work, I try to project in my mind what I want to do instead of what I want to avoid.  Now let me interject here a parenting skill.  When you have a child, that is or wants to do something that is not safe or good, don't just say NO!  Instead, for a young child, replace their choice with something better, steer them in a better direction.  For older children the same can be done but in a different way.  They are learning to make choices for themselves but still need guided.  Again, replace NO with some questions or alternatives. Lead them, as our Father in Heaven helps leads us, in finding a better way.

Another problem that can occur with our problem solving is the tendency to want the solution NOW!  It is hard to be patient when we know what we want and can't or don't have it.  But being patient and using our thoughts to help us find answers may not come all at once.  It's usually a process when confronted inch by inch they say it is a cinch, but yard by yard is hard.  Sometimes resolution comes by taking steps to reach that destination.  We are all on a journey here and line upon line, precept upon precept will help us reach our goals.

Leonardo da Vincisaid, "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."   What a great thought!!  I find the word "simplicity" intriguing myself and it will be the topic of the next book I am hoping to write with the title being, "The Jello Box".    For now just think of his quote in simplicity. :)

Overcoming the natural man requires that we control our actions and the desires of our hearts to become our best selves.  Too often we are confused and think we need to eliminate the natural man when instead we are learning to control it. What happens to us can make us hard hearted or it can soften and humble us.  It can help us learn and grow to become divine.   Earl Nightingale teaches that our goals are in the future and our problem is to bridge where we are today and where we want to be and that is the problem we need to solve.

I love that message, but I have found that sometimes we have to work hard to build that bridge but that hard work can lead us to become a better person.  Sometimes we build our bridge in the wrong place, or don't have all the tools we need yet to build it or just try and do it all alone.  I know where I want to go, but I haven't yet figured out the correct path to get there and how to make that bridge that I need to cross just right.  I am gathering the tools I need and searching for directions so that my bridge will take me where my Heavenly Father wants to lead me. 

When this mortal life is over I will be the product of my life. I (we) have been given a commandment to love God with all of our mind.  Our mind controls our bodies and what we do with our bodies leads to happiness or misery.  As we remain worthy, the Lord teaches us what to do with our thoughts by the influence of the spirit. What I(we) desire and think about helps decide our eternal destiny

George Albert Smith warned,  "If you cross to the devils side of that line ONE INCH you are in the tempters power and if he is successful, you will not be able to think or even reason properly because you will have lost the spirit of the Lord." 

Boyd K Packard said, "As soon as we learn that the tempter, the adversary, uses those same channels of the mind & heart to inspire us to evil, to laziness, to contention, even to acts of darkness, he can take over our thoughts and lead us to mischief."

The power of positive thinking effects our spirit and body in a good way, just as negative thinking can hurt our health and our spirits. We need to be aware of our thoughts.  Our thoughts affect our attitude and attitude affects not only our actions but can have a negative influence on those that are around us. Positive thoughts are energizing. When you develop the habit of thinking good thoughts, you will often find yourself empowered to do more with your day.  Thinking is a gift from God. When you consciously control your thoughts, replacing negative mental commentary with positive thoughts, you might find that your day goes better.  Our thoughts should be full of gratitude for our blessings and then make those blessings work in our lives.  We should get up each morning looking for blessings.

Whatsoever things are true, honest, pure, or lovely, think on these things:Philip. 4:8;

Saturday, November 03, 2012

What Does Home Mean to You?

Dorothy was spot-on: There’s no place like it.

As we journey through life, our home becomes a place of our hearts.  It's not about the house itself, but about the people who share their lives together inside! Houses get bought and sold; a home stays with you always.

 Home is wherever we gather with our family and friends. A place to rear a family and have refuge from the outside world; to have shelter from the storms of life and the place where God can dwell and feel welcomed. Home should be"our safe place" - a place to regroup and recharge our batteries for the next go-around!

A home should be a place you feel safe, comfortable, and able to achieve the dreams you have set for yourself. In my life I have had 10 different places that I have called home, now 11. 2 were from my childhood and I only remember one of those. The rest have been after marriage. 

Our House was sold, but it was our home full of love and joy for many years. This home was the first home we ever owned so it was especially special.  I will always remember the days of happiness that filled the rooms for so many years.

I am grateful for that blessing. 

1001 Stoneport Lane Allen TX 75002 Home for sale - MLS #11753463
We have left this house behind.  Times and seasons change and so do circumstances.  For now we are in the country in a place my parents own.  This is our temporary home on the way to a new season.   We are learning that "stuff" doesn't make the home, even though you do need the right stuff to make a comfortable home.  

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Time slipping away as I view BLOGS!

We write to enjoy life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection. Anais Nin

Time is slipping away as I look at others blogs. I keep this blog for myself. I am amazed at all the blogs and personal websites that are published out there. Sometimes I look at someones blog and all the stuff they publish and I can't believe that their 24 hours and mine contain the same amount of time. I am very impressed with so many that are so creative, thoughtful, intelligent and gifted. I have seen and read and learned from what others have taken time to post so that others may benefit from what they have learned.

People share recipes, crafts, books reports, scripture study, projects, how to do things and family activities. How do they do it all. I suppose as many as do this just as many don't. I would like to be in the "do" group but it is not in my blood as much as it is in others. I want to post great and wonderful things that others could benefit from but it just isn't in my blood to keep up with such things.

Sometimes when I am looking at a blog I found and love, I look at their long list of blogs they love. I wonder how in the world do these people keep up their great website and then have time to even look at any of these others. Sometimes I feel like I have wasted time just looking at all the great blogs that others are keeping. I see awe inspiring things they have posted and great ideas that inspire me but then I keep looking until I no longer have time to do some of the great things I saw and loved.

Writing this even now is just for myself. I was thinking about it and thought I would just write my thoughts down about it. I have found myself pondering most of the day. There is so much to think about, so much to do so many choices.

I enjoy doing creative things, working on family history, writing, reading and being with family. I use to draw, play the piano more, write poems and some children books that still sit in my computer files. My days of crafting and being visually productive is not what it use to be. I am not sure I like parts of this growing old stuff.

Well, enough rambling for now. This may just be a good place for me to ramble.

I thought it is funny that I came upon the following article while looking at blogs.

What I've Learned From Reading Mormon Blogs